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Insulating Firebrick
Insulating Firebrick is making many porous inside the charge of refractories.
Insulating Firebrick is the lightweight refractory which combines heat insulation and refractoriness.
There is a product suitable for the purpose of use.

The purpose of using a Insulating Firebrick
User Purpose of use
(1)Steel Hot blast stove, Blast furnace, Coke oven, Reheating furnace, *Annealing furnace
(2)Glass Glass melting furnace, Float glass furnace, Regenerator chamber, Glass tempering furnace
(3)Petrochemical *Naphtha cracking furnace, Desulfurization facility
(4)Industrial Machine *Carburizing furnace, *Heat treating furnace
(5)Pottery Industry *Burning kiln, Lime kiln, Carbon baking kiln, Cement kiln
(6)Others *Electronic products furnace, Incinerator, Melting furnace
*:Used for a heating side in many cases.

Insulating Firebrick is used for a furnace inside, or it is complexly used for the back with other refractory.

The feature of HINOMARU Insulating Firebrick
HINOMARU Insulating Firebrick is an original product which employed efficiently the manufacture technology which our company cultivated over many years.
Compared with the conventional product of our company, about 20% of lightweight ization is realized.
Brand Name Bulk density Bulk density of the conventional article
(Brand name)
1300 SP13 under 0.45 under 0.55(RA13,A5)
1500 SP15 under 0.55 under 0.75(RA15,A7)
1650 SP165 under 0.70 under 0.90(RA165)

Our company has challenged big Insulating Firebrick.

Maximum size
Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
500 300 75
*:The size which can be manufactured changes with products.Please ask for details.

Large sized Special shape Insulating Firebrick

Our company take positively about Large-sized Special shape Insulating Firebrick, and standardization about brick with many actual results.

Lightweight Burner Tile

Lightweight Burner Tile (photograph) of our company are adopted as the naphtha-cracking furnace.

Actual results of Lightweight Burner Tile :

Asahi Kasei Corp.
Maruzen Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
Nippon Petrochemicals Co.,ltd.
Osaka Petrochemical Industries,Ltd.
Showa Denko K.K.
Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tosoh Corp.

Please ask for details.

Insulating Firebrick Specification

Inquiry about Insulating Firebrick ifb@hinomaruyogyo.co.jp

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